Mon 25th October 2021


We teach individually and in small groups. The average group size is 6 and the maximum is fifteen (rarely reached, except in English Language classes in summer). Our lessons are 45 minutes long, except for tailor-made programmes.

We have several types of programme:

  1. A-Level, (I)GCSE and Foundation programmes over one or two years for students wishing to enter a British University. We also offer a one year and a one term programme for those retaking examinations.
  2. English Language Programmes
  3. For students wishing to enter a British or European Boarding School
  4. For University postgraduates and undergraduates
  5. For Companies and Organisations: please request separate brochure
  6. Study Abroad programmes – summer, semester or year in Oxford
  7. Vacation programmes at Easter and in the Summer
  8. Special preparatory courses for Oxford and Cambridge University Entrance in the summer vacation and/or autumn term.

The Oxford City Library

multigrpMembership of the Oxford City Library (two minutes, walking) is arranged for all students. On their first day there is an induction session to show new students the facilities of the library.

The facilities are impressive. Oxford library provides a quiet place to work with large desks and good lighting - making it the perfect environment for  homework. The resources available to support work include textbooks, quality magazines and journals, CD-ROMS, the web and shelves of additional published materials.

Oxford Library has an extensive collection of University, UCAS and gap year books, magazines and articles. Students  can also research  careers in which they  may be interested.