Tue 20th February 2018

English Language Programmes

English Language ProgrammesThese programmes take place year round, both for groups and individuals. In the summer older students are taught in the University. All courses train students to communicate clearly both in written and spoken usage.

We welcome all age groups and levels. Students are assessed on the first day, and there are four main courses:

  • Group tuition (20 lessons a week)
  • Intensive Programme (30 lessons a week)
  • Combined Programme (20 lessons + 5 or 10 individual lessons)
  • Private tuition (10, 20, or 30 lessons a week)

English Language ProgrammesWe advise students on the best programme for their needs before arrival.

Our English programmes include :

  • General English
  • Junior English
  • Business English
  • Academic English
  • Specialist programmes, eg for Law, or Medicine, or Teachers
  • English Plus, eg English plus Literature, or Business, or History.