Sun 26th September 2021

Study Abroad Programmes : Summer, Semester or Year in Oxford

tudy Abroad Programmes : Summer, Semester or Year in OxfordWe arrange study abroad programmes for individuals and school or college groups. These are generally taken in the summer, but year round programmes are also available.

There is a very wide range of subjects – humanities, languages, sciences, social sciences, business subjects are all offered. Students normally take two subjects and can change their subjects during their stay, subject to agreement.

In the summer the programmes are taught in the beautiful setting of the University of Oxford, and cultural visits and excursions are offered. The facilities of some of Oxford’s libraries are available throughout the programme.

Some students take this programme to enhance their existing studies and possibly gain accreditation from their own school or college. Others see the Oxford programme as an exciting way to widen their cultural and educational experience. And some students love the city so much that they take the programme in order to enter a British University, especially Oxford or Cambridge.

If you are considering their programme, please write to us first with full information about your present studies and future plans, and we would be pleased to offer you advice.

Vacation programmes for school examinations

During the Easter and Summer vacations and also at half term, we arrange a number of programmes for students preparing for school examinations. For those students whose first language is not English, these can be taken alongside an English Language programme.

We offer most school subjects , and students generally take two subjects. We teach for these examinations:

  • A Level and (I)GCSE
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Abitur
  • Oxford and Cambridge Entrance
  • American examinations
  • IELTS, and Cambridge examinations
  • (AP; SAT; TOEFL)