Code of Ethics and Statement of Values

  1. We aim, above all, to support all students in achieving their personal educational goals, through learning in a safe, welcoming, and encouraging environment. The welfare and wellbeing, both emotional and physical, of students is our primary concern.


  1. We seek to promote our programmes in a manner which is consistent with maintaining good academic standards and the safeguarding of the interests of both OISC and its students.

We seek to promote our programmes accurately and honestly in terms of their quality, standing and availability.

We seek to be sensitive to the cultural and educational relationships between the UK and the student’s country and also to be fair to other institutions promoting similar programmes.

We do not make false or misleading comparisons with any other provider.


  1. We have a policy of selection for representatives and agents for the promotion and marketing of education services overseas.

We use the services of the UKTI and the British Embassies to check credentials of suitability (e.g. academic awareness, honesty) in cases where we feel a check is important. We more usually ask for the history of the company’s services in recruiting students for UK institutions and often consult other colleges who have used these agents, if appropriate. References are taken up as a matter of course.


  1. We recognise our responsibilities for the education and welfare of international students, and seek to ensure that the academic programmes, accommodation, support services and learning environment offered encourage a positive attitude towards the institution.


  1. We have an appropriate structure for all enquiries and seek to ensure the effective implementation of the academic programme and the provision of all necessary support services for which the student has registered.


  1. We provide to prospective students with accurate and comprehensive information on the institution admission requirements and procedures, the courses available, tuition and living costs, living conditions, accommodation and other services.


  1. Those staff members who represent OISC are sympathetic, clear communicators with a thorough knowledge of our courses and procedures. They are also sensitive to the culture and customs of the student’s country, and knowledgeable, experienced and competent in handling discussions with potential students and their agents.


  1. We seek at all times to conduct ourselves with integrity and in a manner that will contribute to the image of a reliable and trustworthy provider of high quality education and training.