Oxbridge Application Tuition

Programmes for students applying to Oxford or Cambridge

During the summer vacation and in the autumn term we assist a number of students in applying to Oxford, Cambridge and other leading Universities. These universities have interviews and entrance tests in November and December.

The tuition is individual or in very small groups of two or three students. All the tutors involved are themselves graduates of Oxford or Cambridge, and are experienced tutors.

Students can also combine Oxbridge preparation with revision for ALevel or IB.

At both Universities the interviews are very important. They are designed to assess a student’s understanding and critical ability, and also his or her enthusiasm for and commitment to the chosen subjects. It is important for students to be able to “think outside the box”.

In many subjects there are also written tests at interview. Sometimes these are a test of the student’s ability to move beyond the demands of ALevel or IB and to tackle more demanding (and often more general) questions. In other subjects which have not been studied at school the tests are designed to assess aptitude, eg for PPE, or Law.

The tutorial courses which we arrange consist of :

Practice for the written tests with specialist tutors, eg for ELAT, TSA

Interview practice with both subject and general tutors

Advice on studying at Oxford or Cambridge

Advice on the Personal Statement

In general students receive twenty lessons a week, but additional or fewer lessons can be arranged if required.