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    Summer Social Activities and Excursions

    These must be pre-booked. Transport, guide and admission fees are included.

    Most students participate and the programme runs throughout July and August. If you would like to take social activities at other times of the year, please contact us separately about options available.

    By booking the social activities programme for students under 18, you give your consent to their participation in all activities that form part of the programme.

    Will you be joining our social activities and excursions programme?

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    (or for specially designed programmes please first contact us with your proposals)

    Students under the age of 18 will not be placed in classes with those over the age of 18, with the exception of students aged 16 and 17, who may be placed in adult classes where advantageous to the student.

    Airport Transfer

    Do you require an airport transfer?

    Students staying in host families are expected to arrive at their homestay after 4pm on arrival day, and are expected to leave their homestay before midday on departure day. Students should consider these requirements when booking flights, as early/late departure, especially at unsociable hours, cannot be guaranteed.

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    I also consent to the use of any images taken of me whilst in lessons or activities organised by OISC for promotional purposes.

    If you require a visa for travel to the UK under the sponsorship of OISC, you must inform us of any previous unsuccessful visa applications you have made for entry to the UK. Failure to declare any previous unsuccessful applications constitutes a breach of our terms and conditions and will forefeit your right to any refund in case of visa refusal.