Thu 20th January 2022

These are just a few of the messages we have received from people who have studied at OISC recently or their parents and counsellors:

“Mia arrived home last night, tired but very happy. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you both for everything you have done to help Mia acclimated into her 4 weeks’ life in Oxford. She came home excited and starting telling me all the things she did and people she met in Oxford, most of all the kindness you’ve shown in helping her.

This is a most valuable experience for Mia and students alike, in their academic studies, social and emotional development. The pictures and brochures she brought home reminded me just too well why I love UK life so much. She is of course talking about which Colleges she will apply to and is looking more and more toward UK.

Again, with my most sincere gratitude I thank you both and wish you a very pleasant summer and look forward to speaking to you both when we return to Oxford sometime, or if you ever travel to this side of the continent please do not hesitate to contact me, I would be honored to reciprocate the kindness you’ve shown to my daughter.”

Mrs . EP, IB counsellor, USA.

"Jeanette was extraordinary! Her ability to take control of the class yet not be overbearing made every class enjoyable and an absolute pleasure - my favourite class of the day."

Leonora, summer course student, Morocco

"The tutors were really fun and friendly, and made Chemistry exciting and interesting! I have learnt a lot."

Hollie, Easter revision course student, UK

"The teachers were highly supportive, providing information beyond the syllabus and extra advice on university choices and courses. All of them were superb and very friendly. Their conversation was engaging and thought-provoking, bringing new ideas and information from their own experiences."

Yuma, summer course student, Japan

"Awesome atmosphere to study in. All of the tutors were awesome (yes, really!) - I enjoyed being at OISC, and will treasure my memories here forever! I hope I can meet you again!"

summer course student, Nigeria

"I just wanted to inform you that Eri was so happy about her lessons on Monday, and she couldn't stop telling us how great and useful they were when she came back! She said because the lessons were so well organised, she could concentrate and enjoy the whole time, even though it was quite a long session and she normally finds it difficult to work for long hours without breaks. Thank you!"

Akiko, international agent.

"Please thank all your tutors for their inspiration, encouragement and support of Edward. He was very happy at OISC and he was made to feel welcome right from the outset. The one-to-one tuition and adult environment totally suited his learning style."

Stephanie, parent of full time GCSE student, UK

"I would like to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful opportunities you provided during my stay in the beautiful town of Oxford. I would like to say that I am very grateful to my incredible teachers. Thank you very much one more time - I will not forget you, and some day we might see each other again."

Mariella, summer course for doctoral thesis preparation and advice, Bulgaria

"Dear OISC - thank you for your outstanding effort undertaken to make my time in Oxford as good as possible. Thanks to you, we might see eachother back here in Oxford..."

Johannes, Oxbridge preparation student, Germany

"Really lovely host family! Everything was good - perfect. So I love them very much! Everything was clean - room, sheets. Dinner every day was different, and always a friendly atmosphere at home."

Anastasiya, summer course student, Ukraine

"Really awesome activities - they were always fun, but left me with no time for a nap! Everyone who helped with the activities was really cool."

Salla, summer course student, Sweden

"The activities were wonderful, especially ice skating. I learnt a lot thanks to OISC."

summer course student, Nigeria

"We think very highly of your revision courses and will continue to recommend them strongly to our students"

H.C., IB counsellor, Switzerland.

I really enjoyed the time in Oxford. I appreciated the way we studied ,and people could discuss their points of view. So it is a pity that I only studied here for three weeks. Thank you for your class…I really improved my English skills there. I need to study hard in my IB School…”

Roger, at school in Shanghai

"Kiran is enjoying Oxford and says his tutors are excellent.Homestay arrangements have also worked well.we will definitely send him back again at Easter"

Mrs I.M., parent, Trinidad.

“The course of eight weeks of my son Yohannes now will end . I want to thank you and all the teachers for that excellent work all of you have done. It is not usual, that Yohannes says positive things about teachers. He has much fun, felt very well and the course was more than excellent! Thank you very much.

Because of this experience we want to send our daughter too.”

Dr. W.S, parent, Germany