We offer a range of accommodation to meet each person’s preferences and budget. The options include:

College of the University (age 16+): summer vacation only

Host family: single room, half-board, with sharing option for friends

Student Residence (12+)

Guest House

Budget Hotel

Superior quality hotel with swimming pool and health spa

Self-catering residential hostel (age 17+)

All family rooms are inspected by our accommodation manager. If you are a family or school group we can sometimes make special arrangements for you in shared houses. Please write to us with your plans and we will offer advice.

All hosts are checked by the Criminal Records Bureau for their suitabilility to accommodate students . A copy of the full policies on Safeguarding Children and Health and Safety are available on request.

We highly recommend that all students of OISC take up an accommodation option offered by us, and advise students against privately renting.

We do not get involved with private rental arrangements, but if students decide to take up this option, then we recommend that they contact us for a copy of our golden rules for privately renting.