St Giles Academic Centre

OISC has offered programmes in both English Language, and a range of academic subjects, since opening in 2006. As both sides of our provision continued to grow, we decided to dedicate separate spaces to each type of programme, to ensure that students could use their space as effectively, and productively as possible.

In 2023, we opened our new academic centre, at 31a St Giles, dedicated to our academic programmes: A-Level, Foundation, GCSE and other academic short courses. This allows our academic students to study in a stable, professional environment – free from the distractions (and noise!) that hundreds of short-course language students joining us every week can create.

We encourage all students to make use of both buildings – academic students are always very welcome to use the Common Room and classrooms at St Aldates during their free periods, if they wish.


All new students should register at the St Aldates reception on their first day, for their induction. A member of staff will then take new academic students to the St Giles building.

After the first day, students can go straight to St Giles for their classes each day, and will sign in and out at the main office there.

St Giles is a beautiful, traditional building, with a rich academic history – just like our St Aldates building! The site has 8 classrooms, as well as a Student Common Room, and office space – where you can find our academic management team every day.

It is just 10 minutes’ walk from the St Aldates site – you can use the video and map below to guide you.